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Activities in winter

Seefeld is famous world-wide as hosting village of winter-olympics and of the nordic world cup (this year). Seefeld is a village of wintersports and offers a lot of activities: You can find everything like cross-country skiing, ski jumping, ice skating, skiing, curling, snow-schoe hiking and ski trips. Seefeld is also famous for its great ski-schools for children. You should not forget: Everyone can hike in our paradisical winter landscape, which really is an experience! A coach tour in the winter-wonderland Seefeld is absolutely advisable!


Seefeld is famous for its good ski schools and offers well prepared sloaps for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. The lift ‘Geigenbühel’ and the lift ‘Birkel’ are ideal to use for beginners. The area of the ‘Rosshütte’, ‘Härmelekopf’ and the ‘Gschwandtkopf’ are challenging ski areas, which you should really conquer with skis!

Cross-country skiing

The plateau of Seefeld is the cross-country paradise. Wonderfully prepared sloaps in a paradisical winter landscape with picturesque snowy forests and meadows with frozen creeks will bewitch you. The cristal-clear air and the deeply blue sky with the shining sun will be with you on the cross-country sloaps and will please you. Get filled with energy on the high plateau of Seefeld.

Indoor swimming pools thermal bath

The olympic indoor swimming pool and the ‘Alpenbad Leutasch’ are wonderfully spacious indoor swimming pools with a lot of attractions. Elegantly designed indoor swimming pools and outdoor swimming pools with bubble couches, possibility for massages and a waterfall will please you.

Ski trips

Also ski trip lovers find whatever they wish here. For them the ‘Reither Kar’, the ‘Roßhütte’, the ‘Seefelder Peak’ and the ‘Härmelekopf’, as well as direction ‘Hohe Munde’ and up the ‘Rauthhütte’ are the right places. You will be overwhelmed by the stunning winter-mountain landscape from the eagle’s eye perspective. Up on the touring ski and off you go!


Now there will be real fun! One of the highlights in winter is to climb up to an alp, an Alpine cottage, and sled back down to the valley after a nice meal; that is fun and a very nice excursion for families. (Do not forget the headlamp!) Nice destinations for this excursion would be the cottage on the ‘Gschwandtkopf’, the ‘Reitherjochalm’ or the ‘Hämmermoosalm in Leutasch, the high ‘Sattel’, the ‘cat’s head’ and the ‘Rauthhütte’. Fun is guaranteed for parents and kids!

Snow shoe hiking

For nature lovers snow shoe hiking is the perfect activity. Feel the stillness of nature to follow the track of the origin and get the effect of the breathtaking winter landscape. You will be excited by the walk through the gleaming sun, the deeply blue sky and the crunching snow in the fields and the forests.

The tourist office offers guided tours in groups to do that: