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Restaurant Schmankerl Alm

Open every day in winter

“After turning around on skies stop at the restaurant”

Where? Of course: In the ‘Schmankerl Alm’! Where else would you find a terrace with a guaranty for sun (in case of sunny weather), including our deckchairs. In case the terrace is not a smashing hit, because of missing sun, our cosy restaurant with seducing flavour invites you to delicious delicacies, home-made of course.

Also new-year’s eve is absolutely fantastic on our terrace. The guest experiences a gigantic view over the whole town of Seefeld over to the ‘Gschwandkopf’ with breathtaking fireworks on every corner of the town. Our leaseholders Erich are looking forward to welcoming you soon in the ‘Schmankerl Alm’.